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Promoting Beefmaster Cattle thru Show Ring Competition
The first ever "OPEN TO THE WORLD BEEFMASTER HEIFER SHOW" held April 22, 2007 in Madisonville, Texas- marked the beginning of a new era for the Beefmaster Breed. A grass roots group known as the BEEFMASTER PROMOTION GROUP was created to organize and sponsor Open Beefmaster Heifer and Bull Shows that would enable us to educate, market and promote our cattle. In order to do so successfully, we felt it was necessary that we have a presence at the Houston Livestock Show and especially during the International Cattlemen's Week. Each year, thousands of domestic and international cattlemen congregate in Houston to watch the breed shows that showcase nearly every breed of cattle raised in the U.S. Currently, Beefmasters have been the only major cattle breed not represented by a show during International Week. We believe we have been missing out on potential customer sales and leads because of this lack of visibility and promotion.

Great NEWS! In April, representatives of the Beefmaster Promotion Group met with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Officials to finalize plans for the first ever- International Beefmaster Heifer and Bull Show to be Held on March 5, 2008 in the Reliant Center during International Cattlemen's Week. Finally, an opportunity for every Beefmaster breeder to promote their operation and their cattle to an audience of prospective buyers, both domestic and foreign, so that others will discover why we feel our cattle are the Best!

In the fall of 2008, the BPG was invited to show Open Beefmaster cattle in the West Texas State Fair in Abilene, the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, the Heart O'Texas Fair in Waco, and the State Fair of Louisiana in Shreveport. Finally, Beefmaster cattle were reaching audiences that would never have had the opportunity to view the greatness of Beefmaster cattle.

2010 also holds special meaning to the BPG. A Beefmaster Sale was added to the agenda during the Houston Livestock Show. Haltered females and bulls were paraded through the sale ring to offer these great animals to both International buyers and domestic buyers. This gives the BPG members an opportunity to market and promote their programs. Hosting a booth in the International room at the Houston Livestock Show also promotes the marketing of our cattle.

Open Beefmaster shows continue to make great strides. In 2011, the San Antonio Livestock Show held the first ever Open Beefmaster show. Then to mark a tremendous milestone, Beefmaster cattle were invited to the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, KY. Beefmasters is one of only two American breeds that are invited to show in Louisville! Our cattle are being displayed to audiences that didn't even know Beefmasters existed--what an accomplishment!

2012 still again marks uncharted waters. Beefmasters had 96 entries at the legendary Fort Worth Livestock Show, our inaugural show in Ft Worth. Again growing beyond Texas, the Dixie National in Jackson, Mississippi hosted the first ever open Beefmaster show. At the 2012 BBU Convention in Branson, Missouri, the BPG has been invited to showcase their best with an Open Beefmaster Show to other Beefmaster enthusiasts--another milestone!

Each year, more shows are added and numbers are increasing. Judges have been very complimentary about the future of Beefmaster cattle, and I quote, "Beefmasters are surpassing other breeds on improving the quality of their cattle." BPG members are also surpassing others on their collection of performance data on their animals.

Show off your good cattle to new Beefmaster prospects--get on the end of a lead rope!